Regular parenting can be tough enough....

Parenting a child with Extra Needs is even tougher!

We help parents
& families who have a child struggling with...

Medical Differences

Behavioral Differences

Learning Differences

  • Relevant, quality content that you can relate to and learn from!
  • Down-to-earth conversation from other parents, affected kids, and siblings. Free access to articles, audios, and videos - you'll learn their challenges, triumphs, perspectives, and advice.
  • Professional Empowerment Coaching episodes to grow confidence and leadership skills.
  • Lifestyle experts addressing common concerns of Extra Needs families

What is Family Support Village and how can we help you?

What is Family Support Village?

We are a support resource for PARENTS of children who are affected by medical, behavioral and learning differences.

Our focus is on YOU, the parents.

We address how to manage the complexities of leading a family affected by Extra Needs and what parents can do to help themselves.

The Need

While most pediatric medical and educational teams are focused on “the affected child”, very few are concentrating on the affected parents and families.

We know when one member of the family is struggling, the entire family unit is affected. Feeling overwhelmed & lacking direction and support often prevents parents from maximizing their family's health and happiness.

How Can We Help You?

Parents access a combination of online products and resources, including information from other parents, affected children and their siblings, along with professional Empowerment coaches.

By concentrating on what parents can do to help their own wellbeing the entire family benefits from a stronger, more balanced, and confident leader.