The Village

What is Family Support Village?

We are a free resource fo parents of children affected by medical, behavioral, and learning challenges. While most affected children have doctors, educators, or behavioral specialists focusing on their needs, not much help is available to parents leading the entire family unit. Often, parents fall through the cracks and end up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents become effective leaders for themselves, their Extra Needs children, and their families by providing relevant, quality content through online tools and resources. By empowering parents to help themselves, the entire family unit benefits. Resources include free access to  articles, audios and videos from other parents who have "been there" along with affected kids and siblings perspectives. Additionally, professional Empowerment Coaching episodes are updated frequently.

The Need

While most pediatric medical and educational teams are focused on, “the affected child”, very few are concentrated on the affected parents and families. This lack of comprehensive support contributes to a growing dilemma for stressed out, time-constrained, emotionally worn-out parents. It is common to feel isolated, overwhelmed, and without direction. The Family Support Village™ directs its efforts primarily toward parents and how they can become stronger, more effective leaders. Additionally, by offering insight from affected children and siblings, it closes the support gap and provides quality support to the entire family.

How Can We Help You?

As a Village member, you can access a combination of online resources, products, and information that are specifically geared to the challenges of Extra Needs Parenting. Honest, straightforward conversations and articles are shared by other Village parents, affected children and their siblings.  Villagers also enjoy lifestyle experts and empowerment professionals who concentrate on what you can do to help your own well-being.